Apps - Alerts on the State of your Data With Zapier

Create alerts on datasets and be notified in real time when an update or a new element is produced


The context

You are a reuser of a number of datasets or several data portals, whether your own or those of other organizations. You need to be informed when new data are published or modified, when a problem arises on any number of them, or when real-time data are not updated.

The service

To push alerts to data consumers, the Opendatasoft platform integrated the tool Zapier, directly connected to our API. Zapier allows you to program notifications linked to the life cycle of the data you follow. You can choose to receive these alerts via different media: email, text message, Slack, etc.

The Use Case

Citilog, a world leader in road traffic monitoring and surveillance, manages the data collected from its cameras through the Opendatasoft platform. To help with their regular operations and improve their maintenance, the company has set up Zapier alerts in the event of an anomaly, and when a camera is being repaired.

Zapier demo home page

Zapier “control-center”

Smart Camera monitoring system in Atlanta


  • A Zapier account
  • Access to an Opendatasoft dataset catalog, or to the API of an Opendatasoft dataset catalog

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