Apps - Election Results Visualization

Combine several datasets regarding election results and give your citizens a 360° representation of the share of votes across your territory.


The context

Elections are always a highlight for you and your constituents. To make your citizens want to follow the details of the live votes on your portal and facilitate the understanding of the results, you will need to offer them legible and engaging content.

The service

With Opendatasoft, it is possible to compare different fields of the same dataset or several datasets together. The visual representation of these combined and filtered data allows you to offer your community a comparative view of the distribution of votes by district, municipality or constituency.

The Use Case

Like the metropolis of Rennes, build an electoral map of your territory so that your citizens can view this information by polling station. They can understand how voters vote in their neighborhood and observe disparities with other areas of the municipality.

Like the Hauts-de-Seine, guide your citizens in reading the voting results. The regional department has built an infographic containing data on the legislative and presidential elections since 1993. Filter buttons allow the user to choose the election that interests them, then to display the results (elected candidates, non-elected candidates, participation rate, number of invalid ballots, etc.) per constituency or municipality.

Rennes metropolis elections

Hauts de seine elections visualization


  • An Opendatasoft platform

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