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Create personalized dashboards to measure the performance of your actions and highlight your concrete achievements


The context

Whether you are a community or a company, your goal is to provide an ever higher quality of service to your citizens or customers. For that, you need to evaluate the accomplishment of the actions carried out by your organization. These performance indicators reflect your strategic plan objectives, or your municipality’s political program.

The service

Opendatasoft allows you to build a dashboard of performance indicators related to datasets published on your portal. The use of such a tool offers you:

  • an understanding of essential metrics to track your achievements, all in one place.
  • the guarantee that your indicators will always be up to date because synchronized with the datasets of your portal.
  • the possibility of creating, for each indicator, pages aggregating editorial contents and data visualizations in order to contextualize, explain and enhance the concrete actions already implemented or being completed.

The + ODS: customization from A to Z. Organisation using indicators such as color, icons, progress bars, integration of visuals … your dashboard is fully customizable. It can then perfectly integrate into the range of digital and communication tools used by your organization to highlight your actions, both internally and externally.

The use case

The city of Paris has built a dashboard of performance indicators using its website’s visual identity. Open to the public, the dashboard is designed around three axes, each represented by a color to facilitate sorting and readability: living together better (pink), the city that benefits everyone (blue) and the construction of tomorrow’s world (green). The municipality has chosen to represent a percentage rate of completion of its service’s actions, accompanied with a progress bar. Each action is contextualized by a page mixing texts, and data visualizations. This page also gives access to the data set’s source used to build the performance indicators.

Portal’s homepage

Indicator detailed page

Paris customer case : A city government dashboard for Parisians


  • An Opendatasoft platform
  • Preparatory work done on the nature of the indicators to be put forward

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