Learn and quickly implement new use cases and applications to build even further value with your own ODS platform!

Alerts on the State of your Data With Zapier

Create alerts on datasets and be notified in real time when an update or a new element is produced

COVID-19 for US Counties

Create a live COVID-19 for your county, city etc. with local data.

Election Results Visualization

Combine several datasets regarding election results and give your citizens a 360° representation of the share of votes across your territory.

Google Form Survey Results Visualization

Automate the result display from your collaborative surveys by connecting Google Form to your Opendatasoft portal.

KPI Dashboard

Create personalized dashboards to measure the performance of your actions and highlight your concrete achievements

Make your IoT data speak

Build dynamic and easy to read visualization on your sensors data and connected equipments

Notify your users on your data updates

Send alerts to your users when you perform operation on your data or when critic threshold are reached

Sanitation Inspection Transparency

Created by the Ministry of Agriculture, the Alim'Confiance app facilitates the sharing of hygiene check results carried out in food establishments.

School Canteen Menu Displays

Save school officials time: give them a printable menu model containing up-to-date information

Traffic Diagnostic with Waze

Enrich your own data with traffic data and observe in real-time the state of traffic across your territory