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Save school officials time: give them a printable menu model containing up-to-date information


The context

French schools display their canteen menus each week either so that it can be read by students and their parents. In the majority of cases, the municipality sets the composition of the meals then sends the information to school establishments who then have to reprocess the information into a spreadsheet or a word processor in order to then print and display it.

The service

To help agents avoid repeating this task, Opendatasoft has created a model menu page that automatically generates the information from a dataset “school canteen menus”.

The ODS Advantage: the platform’s filters. They enable you to choose the elements to show on the menu. Data that is only useful to territorial agents do not need to be displayed on documents destined to the public.

The Use Case

Rennes Metropolis offers its schools a ready-to-print menu page for which the text is generated from a dataset updated by the General Canteen Service. Thanks to the platform’s filters, allergens and organic ingredients are highlighted with specific colors. The dataset includes the menus for the ongoing, past, and following weeks, allowing schools to anticipate the preparation of the menus displayed.

Canteen menu

Canteen menu dataset


  • An Opendatasoft platform

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