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Build dynamic and easy to read visualization on your sensors data and connected equipments


The context

Smart sorting bins and energy meters, traffic surveillance cameras, fleets of geolocated vehicles … the connected equipment is multiplying within the territories, producing a considerable amount of data in real time. Gross, voluminous and complex, this IoT data often remains indecipherable for the human eye.

The service

Opendatasoft provides you with a visualization model fully designed to represent, understand and analyze all your IoT data, regardless of their source and format. This app allows you to:

  • map all of your sensors to monitor their operating status and supervise their activity
  • simply and visually restore the raw data collected by your sensors, offering several levels of detail: location, operating status, description of measurements, analytical curves, etc.
  • draw up a history of the data produced by your connected objects, navigate easily through this history and analyze the evolution of values over time

The use case

In Paris, Trilib stations installed in several areas of the city generate data on waste. The app proposed by Opendatasoft allows to locate these stations on a map. By clicking on a geolocated point, a lateral banner opens to the right of the map, allowing to visualize the filling rates of the buckets, to check if they are active or not, and to browse the history of the data they have produced so far.

Trilib sorting stations in Paris

Current filling rate and historical analysis


  • An Opendatasoft platform

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