Apps - Traffic Diagnostic with Waze

Enrich your own data with traffic data and observe in real-time the state of traffic across your territory


The context

Waze’s Connected Citizens Program promotes pooling resources: Waze provides its partners with real-time data on incidents and trouble zones slowing down traffic as signaled by drivers, while its partners give Waze data in real time on the closures of certain roads, ongoing road work, and major accidents.

The service

To facilitate the exchange of information between Waze and partner municipalities within the Connected Citizens Program, Opendatasoft has developed a connecter for the Waze API, capable of extracting data from the traffic app to bring them to the platform. Crossing them with traffic data produced by the municipality allows users to establish a near-comprehensive diagnostic on the traffic’s state.

The ODS Advantage: historical data. Unless you want to see Waze’s data disappear from one day to another from your platform, it is possible to collect a complete history. You can thus compare the evolution of traffic across, for instance, different days, a bank holiday and a work day, the same day of different weeks, etc.

The Use Case

The European Metropolis of Lille (MEL) controls its traffic thanks to traffic sensors installed across different zones of the city. Via the Waze connector built by Opendatasoft, the MEL collects traffic data on its platform which is then compared to the data produced by its sensors. This complete and historicized database allows it to:

  • More quickly identify problems that may arise in specific streets, so as to then send out emergency intervention services when needed.
  • Anticipate future incidents and traffic blockages to implement preventative solutions.

Real time statistics

Historical data

Trends and side-by-side comparison


  • An Opendatasoft platform
  • Be affiliated with the Waze Connected Citizens Program

Get the App

The entire application can be found on Github

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