Apps - COVID-19 for US Counties

Create a live COVID-19 for your county, city etc. with local data.


The context

You have a regularly updated source of data about COVID-19 for your region (e.g. County or City) that that reflects information not available nationwide. You want to keep the population updated on the number of cases, the number of occupied hospital beds etc. in their surroundings. You want to make the data available for nation-wide aggregation.

The service

This page aggregates a number of indicators, with key figures, maps, tables etc. that allows to share detailed data with a simple visualization. All the aggregated data by day, by zipcode, by gender etc. are pre-configured.

Main figures and category graphs

Maps and filtered graphs


  • An Opendatasoft platform
  • A dataset with records on COVID for every date and possibly split by gender, age etc.

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