Apps - Google Form Survey Results Visualization

Automate the result display from your collaborative surveys by connecting Google Form to your Opendatasoft portal.


The context

You are preparing a survey and you need to visualize the results in a legible and structured way, as well as enrich them with other data. Google Form allows easy collection of these results, but not their advanced visualization or comparison with other data. Integrating Google Form with the Opendatasoft platform can help you take advantage of both tools.

The service

When you create a survey with Google Form, the answers are collected in a spreadsheet that updates as people respond. This spreadsheet can be shared via a URL of its own. All you need to do is set this URL as the source for publishing a new dataset. This will be updated in real time as soon as a new person responds to the survey. You will then be able to take advantage of the data visualization and comparison features offered by the platform to display the results of your survey in the most comprehensive and understandable way possible.

A Google form

The resulting dataset

A visualization based on the form data


  • A Google Account
  • An Opendatasoft platform

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