Widget Tricks - Filters as an HTML Select

!! WARNING !! This ressource is deprecated ! Please use ods-select instead. Documentation available here

Simple case

Powered by ods-facet-results, the simpler case, a list of choice, you pick one, it refines !

Simple case, with default selection

A more complex case where an ods-results enumerator get a value to set a default selection

Year selector with previous and next buttons

Still powered by ods-facet-results, a date scenario where the year is the value selection, and arrows can increase or descrease the selected year, impacting also the HTML select selection.

Months over several years range selector

Most complex scenario as the selector will keep an iterator to see witch value is selected, and compute the date each time another selection is made. It’s based on this iterator by starting from the starting date and increasing the number of months by this iterator to get back to the selection. It manipulates facets, dates, and advanced angularJs expression.