Custom Views - Eco-Counter / Eco-Compteur

Eco-Counter / Eco-Compteur data custom view

Eco-Counter custom view for Opendatasoft integration: an overall view of your territory through Eco-Counter stations data.

Install procedure

Two datasets are required :

  • eco-counter-data : from Eco Counter Data connector
  • eco-counter-sites : from Eco Counter Sites connector
eco-counter-sites processing :

Get the first photo URL, copy the field, get the photo from the URL

  • Split text:
    • field: photos
    • separator: /https://
    • index: 1
    • output: photourl
  • Copy a field:
    • field: photourl
    • new field: photo
  • File:
    • field: photo
eco-counter-data processing :

Get additional metadata from counters

  • Join datasets:
    • dataset: eco-counter-sites
    • local key: id
    • remote key: id
    • output fields: name, coordinates, user_type, sens, interval

Set name field as a facet !