Custom Views - Domain Datasets

This resource is intended to be used as custom view inside your catalog, where the dataset context is always named ctx and doesn’t require any ods-dataset-context widget. Read the user’s guide section about custom views for details.

Domain dataset overview

This custom view will help you create an overview of all the datasets on your domain. See the user guide to set up this special dataset.

For this view to properly function, you need to activate these options on the extractor:

  • Statistics
  • Private datasets
  • Staged datasets

You need to set up the following fields as facets:

  • Dataset ID
  • Themes (multivalued by ;)
  • License
  • Publisher
  • Visibility
  • Publishing Properties

You also need to set up a Replace text processor with the field Publishing Properties and new value set to “manual”:

processor setup

See this resource live here. (Note: we made this page public for the sake of example, but it is most likely a private view).