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The code of these resources is not meant to be modified. It requires good development skills and strong knowledge of widgets. Opendatasoft will encourage to develop your own page if it doesn’t suit your needs (and therefor won’t provide support if you still try to modified it)

Find the complete documentation at the end of this page

Automated listing visualization

Edit only a few settings to generate a modern looking visulization that uses ODS components and widgets.

Try it! Click on “Edit on CodePen” to browse the code and see the configuration. You only need to edit the first bloc of settings to try it on your own data!

Automated listing visualization - another example with date and map

Very similar case with a date field that display a date range slider and a map.

Automated listing visualization - table view

With the view option set to table you can list your records with a download button at the end of each lines.

SCDL Dataset with fields and filters renaming

This example highlight how filter labels can be overridden, and even field label can be removed in the card view.

Listing Generator documentation

Welcome to the Listing Generator documentation ! Find the code and live examples above.

Before start, important read

The listing generator is an HTML template powered by ods-widgets library from Opendatasoft. ods-widgets library relies on AngularJs and therefore propose directives and expressions to operate dynamic behavior into your pages.
Settings set within the page. You’ll therefore need to pay attention to the following section to avoid input mistakes.

First, a minimalist example

A simple page containing a variable declaration into an ng-init directive:

<div ng-init="title = 'Any text here...';
              anotherVar = 'other value';">
    {{ title }} <!-- output: Any text here... -->
  • title is a variable, and Any text here... its value

The value is then between quotes '.

A common error is omitting to escape (protect) apostrophes with a leading backslash (ie \').
Apostrophes are used to declare keys and values in object, and therefore are reserved characters. This is the reason why they MUST be escaped.

wrongVariable = 'I'll be freed from apostrophes'; // This leads to an error !!!
correctVariable = 'I\'ll be freed from apostrophes'; // Ok !

General settings


Domain URL (string) : Must contain the URL of the domain where the dataset is published.

domain = '';


Dataset ID (string) : Must contain the ID of the dataset

datasetid = 'oeuvres-de-johannes-vermeer';


Sort (string) : a sort parameter

sort = '-date';

Note: The field must be sortable (numeric,date,facet or sortable text field)

Filters settings


List of filter configurations to generate the filters panel. Parameters are :

  • id (string) : the ID of the field
  • multiple (boolean) : true or false, to allow the user to select multiple values in the filter
  • label (string) : a custom placeholder instead of the field label

Note : The field must be a facet in the dataset
Note : Alphanumerical sort is applied in the filter view

filters = [
              {'id':'filterid2','multiple':false,'label':'ID of the filter'}


resetFiltersButton (boolean) : true or false, add a reset filters button after filters block –>

resetFiltersButton = true;


resetFiltersButtonLabel (string) : label of the reset filters button

resetFiltersButtonLabel = 'Clear all filters';

Date settings


fieldDate (string) : a date field to display a date-range-slider

fieldDate = 'date';


resetFiltersButton (boolean) : true or false, display a button to reset the date period selection

resetFiltersButton = true;


fieldDefaultRangeStartsNow (boolean) :

  • false : set the date range based on the data, ie. start from the first date, and end to the last date
  • true : the range starts from now (the calendar day), to the last date
fieldDefaultRangeStartsNow = false;

List view settings


view (string) : Type of the view to list results, can be table or cards

view = 'cards';

noResultMsg (only available if view is set to cards)

noResultMsg (string) : the message to display if no results

noResultMsg = 'No more results.';


fieldsList (list) : Set the list of fields

Simple mode : can be an array of field IDs
fieldsList = ['title','category','genre','date'];
Advanced mode : can be an array of object.

Each object describes the field format and provide optional options.

  • field (string) : mandatory, the ID of te field
  • format (string) : optional, can be ‘date’ or ‘number’
  • options (string) : optional, format options
    • for number format :
      • precision (string) : set the number of digit for decimals
      • unit (string) : set an unit after the value
    • for date format :
    • label (string) : optional, define your own label for this field.
      • if not set : use the default label from the dataset
      • if set to a string, use this string as label
      • if set to an empty string '', remove the field label (for cards view only).
fieldsList = [
                {'field':'price', 'format':'number', 'options': {'precision':1, 'unit':'$'}},
                {'field':'date_end','format':'date', 'options': {'dateFormat':'longDate'}}

fieldLink (string) : the field ID of external resource as a web URL

link = 'urlfield';


fieldLinkLabel (string) : Label of the external resource link

fieldLinkLabel = 'Read more here';

cardTitle (only available if view is set to cards)

cardTitle (string) : id of the field used as a title of the card

cardTitle = 'title';

fieldPhoto (only available if view is set to cards)

fieldPhoto (string) : (Field id of the image field if any)

fieldPhoto = 'image';

imagePosition (only available if view is set to cards)

imagePosition (string) : (Image position) : Image position in the card, can be ‘top’ or ‘left’

imagePosition = 'left';


itemsPerRow (string) : number of columns in the cards and KPI layout, must be a 12 multiple (1, 2, 3, 4, 6 or 12).

itemsPerRow = '3';

KPI Settings

KPI settings is a list of object that describes each KPI.
Available options are :

  • title (string) : mandatory, name of the KPI, ex: ‘City population’
  • select (string) : mandatory, API V2 select, containing the calculation to perform, ex: ‘sum(population)’ or ‘count(*)’
  • precision (string) : optional, decimal precision of the KPI, ex: 2
  • unit (string) : optional, KPI unit, ex: ‘citizens’
  • faicon (stirng) : optional, FontAwesome icon id, ex: ‘square-o’ (omit the fa- prefix)

Please see the documentation for more information regarding the select

Please see all available Fontawesome icons here

kpis = [
                'title': 'Taille moyenne',
                'select': 'avg(surface),
                'precision': 2,
                'unit': 'm2',
                'faicon': 'square-o'
                'title': 'Nombre d\'oeuvre référencées',
                'select': 'count(*)'


sourceLinkLabel (string) : the label of the ‘access to source’ link

sourceLinkLabel = 'Direct access to the data';

Change log


  • The listing generator is now fully compatible with pages, custom views and embeds: the some code can be copy/pasted from a page to a custom view and vice versa.
  • Add mapView option to activate a map (in cards view)
  • Add pagination module for table view
  • Add infinite scroll for cards view
  • Set a label parameter for the “access to source” link
  • Filters can now have a label option, to rename the field label and propose as a placeholder for the select.
  • Field can now have a label option, to rename the field label in the view. In cards view, the label can be an empty string ''.
  • A KPI bloc now relies fully on Explore API V2. Therefore, they no longer need a function and expression and will now use a select parameter.


  • Add sort param
  • Add an advanced mode for fieldsList Fields can now be a list of object, that provides the field id, the format, and some options. See the documentation for more details.
  • No icon displayed by default for KPIs


  • Add ods-select and multiple choice option for filters
  • Add clear all filter button when one filter is applied
  • responsive display for filters and date button
  • KPI default value to 0 when no data/results to display


  • add a date field that display a date range slider
  • download link knows support files hosted on ODS
  • dynamic title / description / access source link from the context