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Easy to use generators to create visualisations of your data through a page reusing Code Library components and widgets.


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Latest content

This is a basic version without color theming.

This resource is intended to be used as custom view inside your catalog, where the dataset context …

This resource introduces a custom CSS library dedicated to ods-chart, it helps users to customize …

Animate your KPI with ods-timer.

The KPI is computed with ods-aggregation. For more information …

Based on the listing generator, this version will fit perfectly into a custom view by reusing …

With the view option set to table you can list your records with a download button at the end of …

Optionally, images can be displayed in the list view.

Get the date range of the data, and use it to automatically set initial bounds.

It combines an …

Same as the previous example, but for month precision date field.

Same as the previous example, but for year precision date field.

ods-select takes all the available width. In order to inline several ods-select on the same line and …

Read a sentence that describes the applied filters in your page by inlining several ods-select.