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Custom made widgets to display certain data and other cool tips to make your portal pop.


Easy to use generators to create visualisations of your data through a page reusing Code Library components and widgets.

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Use these templates to create custom views for your datasets inside your catalog.

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Latest content

The same search bar, with a dedicated feature to search on a specific field, thanks to the #search …

Inspired by the listing generator, this version will help you build a comparison dashboard. …

A reuse of ods-select to create filters based on a serie of geographical levels.


Change log with version and improvements
Complete list of options for the listing generator resource

This example highlight how filter labels can be overridden, and even field label can be removed in …

Toggle button to highlight an active or inactive state.

This template is an alternative to the automated Listing Generator. It offers more customization …

This template is an alternative to the automated Map Listing Generator. It offers more customization …

Eco-Counter custom view for Opendatasoft integration: an overall view of your territory through …